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Game of Values

Game of Values is a tool for self-reflection - increase awareness of your personal and group values. Each box contains 64 cards, and each card contains an exclusive illustration.

Find your core value and your favorite design - combine them and make a unique decoration! 

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The box contains one deck with 64 cards

55 values cards

The Game of Values have Arna Miller designs on one side and values on the other side, where art meets values. You can use them as a self-reflection tool, wall art, or a combination of both.

4 instructions cards

These cards are recognizable by the designs inspired by vintage book covers on one side and describe some ways to use the deck on the other side.

5 blank cards

These cards have free-falling crystals on one side. We are aware that there are hundreds of values and we wanted to make sure that there is space to write down the ones that are really the most important for you, in case they are not contained in the 55 we chose.