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My package is taking a long time arrive.

If you have a tracking number:

It will most likely arrive! If 45 days passes from the time you received your tracking number, send us a message below, and we’ll file a claim with USPS and either send you a refund or replace the poster. It will most likely get to you though.  If the status says "In Transit". it will arrive!

If you have your order number, but not a tracking number yet:

It is taking longer because of corona, guaranteed. Maybe we’re waiting for shipping supplies, maybe guidelines have changed and we are understaffed…. Please be patient, and contact us using the form below if you haven’t gotten your tracking number one week after you placed your order.

I think someone is ripping off your art and making money from it.

Please send a screen shot of the product as an attachment and the url to us in the form below. 


I would like to get a tattoo of your art.

You have my blessing!  Please send me a photo in the below form, and/or tag me in social media.  If it is from the Drunk Cat series please give credit to @arnamiller and @raviamarzupa.